Whether you’re considering outsourcing a single project or engaging in a long-term strategic partner for ongoing marketing support, I can help.

Single Projects

Many of my projects focus on a single deliverable – logo design, business card, flyer, infographic, etc. However, even though I’m contributing to only one part of the marketing plan, I think carefully about how your project fits into and impacts your overarching strategy. Click through the services menu to learn more about my capabilities.

Retained Services

For clients who want ongoing, fully integrated marketing alignment, we start by developing a strategic plan for their marketing. This often includes shoring up your marketing infrastructure (logo, fonts, colors). We then develop a marketing mix that makes sense for you whether it’s printed or digital. This service model is often implemented on a retainer basis, giving me a regular allotment of time each month to work on your project.


Your logo is the foundation of your branding. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a name or you’ve been in business for a couple of years and are ready to refresh your logo. Logos evolve as your brand and company evolves and often, a logo is often the first introduction a customer has of your company. A great logo will help identify, reinforce credibility and gain trust towards a company. Spending time upfront to get your logo done correctly will save you time and money in the long run.

Brand Guide

A brand is more than just a logo. And “branding” is more than using consistent colors and fonts. Your brand identity embodies the persona of your organization; it sets the tone for your marketing strategy; it sets expectations and makes promises. Your name, your logo, your tagline, your colors, your typography should all work together to clearly establish a position in your market that is uniquely and authentically you.

Think about it. How many times will your brand be used and seen over the next 10 years? How many website impressions, email signatures, advertisements, brochures and business cards will pass in front of prospective customers and referral sources? The numbers are staggering. So it makes sense to get it right up front.

Are you happy with your branding? Do you have three or four different logos, “slightly off” color schemes, inconsistent email signatures or a tagline with no teeth? Do you have a Brand Standards Guide that keeps your branding consistent and professional across your organization? If not, perhaps we should talk.

Single Page Brand Guides

Multi Page Brand Guide (Click to Open)

Printed Collateral

The web may be the landing pad for most marketing initiatives, but many organizations have found that print is simply not going away. From business cards to brochures, sell sheets to posters, info packets to catalogs, print is alive and well. Most of my clients find that they need to round out their marketing infrastructure with some form of brand-aligned print collateral.

In my experience, companies and nonprofits need far less collateral than they used to. With real-time information available online, it makes no sense to overdo it in print. But, whenever you have face-to-face interaction, there’s room for print – a business card, a brochure, a view book, an information packet. The feel of paper, the clarity of the images, the tangible expression of the brand all add up to a classy, timeless link in the chain of communications that connect the prospect to the buying decision.

We do an awful lot of branding, so when a good print piece comes along, I love to roll up my sleeves, break out the Pantone color guides and anticipate the smell of fresh ink. I can conceptualize, write, design, and manage the printing for your next print collateral project, so give me a call to talk it over.

Digital Collateral

Over the past several years I’ve found clients need digital collateral as much as printed pieces to support their marketing strategies. Maybe it’s a multi page eBook that educates customers on your process, or PDFs for your website that give away for free in exchange for your customer’s email address. Infographics can also be a fun way to visually share a lot of information. Check out some examples below to get your creative juices flowing.

Whether it’s catalogs, annual reports, worksheets or interactive PDFs, I have the software to help create your project. If you need some help brainstorming how digital collateral can be a part of your marketing strategy, please give me a call to talk it over.

Brand Strategy Session

Not sure where to start? Maybe you have an outdated logo or business cards that aren’t as professional as you’d like. Or perhaps you have physical marketing materials like flyers or postcards with slightly different colors. The Brand Strategy Session is a three step process where we Assess your current marketing materials, Determine your goals for the next year and Strategize a path to get you to where you want to be.

The Brand Strategy Session is an investment of two hours. Cost is $150. Keep reading to learn more about each step and what clients are saying about this service.

Step One: Assess

In this one hour meeting, we will review your current marketing materials using my Brand Audit Checklist. Many clients are surprised at the number of ways they market their businesses. As we go through the checklist, I will ask you what you like and dislike about each of your marketing items and educate you with good branding practices.

Step Two: Determine Your Goals

Next, I’ll ask about your top three goals for the upcoming year. These goals may not be directly related to your branding or marketing, but looking at your current marketing materials and branding, I can help prioritize projects and share ideas on how to save time and money.

Step Three: Strategize

I’ll provide three strategies that will help improve your branding keeping in mind your goals and budget for the upcoming year in this second one hour meeting. It may be as simple as picking brand colors and using them consistently. Or maybe some quick updates to your logo would help connect you with your target audience. Maybe you have awesome printed pieces but could update your digital collateral to match. I’ll look at everything you have and come up with a strategy to help you look professional and branded!

What clients are saying about their Brand Strategy Sessions:

Amanda Hirko | Hirko Consulting, Inc

“My marketing knowledge is slim, so I didn’t even know what I needed. Laura asked all the right questions to help me clarify my goals and figure out the graphic pieces I would need to market toward those goals. She systematically addressed each place my brand would need marketing, made suggestions about everything from logo to headshots, educated me on the importance of consistency and, most importantly, listened to what I liked bringing all of that together in her suggestions.  She helped me feel more comfortable putting out a new professional product for my business’s growth!”

Melody Kramer | Legal Greenhouse

“I’ve known Laura for years, but had no idea of the scope of her knowledge and skills until I had her do a Brand Strategy Session for my company. She was able to help me identify things I was doing right in terms of basic branding, gave me ideas of areas for improvement, and then added on a ton of creative ideas that hadn’t even crossed my mind for enriching the entirety of my company brand. I look forward to working with her further.”

Would a Brand Strategy Session help you improve your branding? To get started, click here!

Trusted Partners

Since 2016, I’ve proudly partnered with Moo, an online print company. Moo prints business cards, postcards, stickers, flyers as well as cards and invitations. The quality of paper and ink is superior to other printers I’ve tried and best of all, I receive a discount which I gladly pass onto you. Have your own printer? That’s great! I can work with them directly to make sure your project arrives just as you imagined.

Core Values

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